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Rayandria Jiles

Writer, Actress, Veteran,

Mental Health Professional, Creative.

Rayandria Jiles is a creative writer and U.S Air Force Veteran who is passionate about sharing her personal experiences and trials in romance and dating as a tool to depict the sovereign healing power and love of Jesus Christ. As an ex-serial dater, Rayandria is well acquainted with the pain, turmoil, and heartache that may occur at the hands of a lover. 

Since coming into an intimate relationship with Christ at the age of 25, Rayandria has been compelled to share the truth of the gospel through writing and sharing her testimony as transparently as she can. She released her debut autobiography "Raw Wounds" on Valentine's Day of 2018. She is a student at Loyola University, pursuing a dual Master's degree in Divinity and Counseling.  

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