Say Hello to our Fabulous 5 in 1 Rome project. On January 4, 2021,   Rayandria will be traveling to Loyola's John Felice Rome Center for ten days to study abroad in her graduate degree program. She is a dual major in Divinity and Counseling. We are asking that you partner with us on this exploration and take a rollercoaster ride through the colesseum of Books that Earthquake Womanhood & Femininity. During your trip, you will navigate through 5 books synthesized into 1: Camouflaged in My Man, Pre-Boyfriend Mini-Manual, My Stomach is Not my God, Flaunting Sin Never Looked So Good, and He's Not My Type. 


We thank you in advanced for your contribution. This trip to Rome would be impossible without your support! 



Rome: The Colosseum of Books That Earthquake Womanhood & Femininity 5 Books In 1

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